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A nebulizer can help treat certain respiratory conditions in babies and infants.A nebulizer can help babies and infants take in medication while breathing normally.

A nebulizer is a medication delivery system for aerosolized inhaled medication. It warms up liquid medication to form a fine mist. The baby can then breathe the medicine into their lungs, making breathing easier.

The nebulizer works by pumping pressurized air through the liquid. Once it has formed a fine mist, the baby breathes it in through a mouthpiece or face mask.

Tips to ensure it works

Some babies find it hard to remain still, and some may even bat away the nebulizer mouthpiece. This may make it difficult for some people to ensure the nebulizer is working.

  • Babies are more comfortable with routine, so incorporate the treatment into this daily routine
  • Familiarize a baby or infant with the nebulizer, give it a special name or make the process fun by reading a story, singing, or using toys.
  • Some nebulizers for infants come with animal faces or other child-friendly designs that may help ease their fear.
  • Where possible, sit the baby in a highchair. If this is not an option, then place them in your lap for comfort and stability.